A single online source for quality, reliable, well equipped production crew in southern California.

LocalCrew.tv was created by film and video production veteran, Keith Martin, as an alternative to searching through union locals, production companies and crew referral agency listings on the world wide web looking for competent, reliable production crew and equipment in the southern California area.

LCTV represents a network of experienced owner/operators built on personal relationships; we all know each other’s strengths and capabilities. If you’ve been in the business for a while, you already know and work regularly with a group like this in your local area.
The inspiration sprung from personal experience looking for good location crews when traveling outside of our own turf. The hours spent searching for and negotiating with various prospective crew members and equipment rental houses (who at times seemed to be far more focused on their day rates than the shoot details) was time that could be better spent on planning, scheduling, casting, meeting with clients, finalizing scripts and creating shot lists, etc…

Our philosophy is pretty straight forward: provide the absolute best production standards possible within a given the budget while maintaining a relaxed, professional production environment. As we all know this can be both challenging and rewarding at times. Smart pre-production planning, an experienced, versatile crew equipped with well prepped gear to match the project’s work flow and a knowledgeable director can make even the toughest shoots a good experience. We strive to help keep the shoot productive, on schedule and stress free… aka; fun! …and isn’t that one of the reasons we all got into this business in the 1st place?

Keith Martin
Cinematographer/ Lighting Cameraman/ Photographer
Intramedia Associates, LLC – LocalCrew.tv

If you’re headed our way and looking for a solid crew with the right stuff, please take a minute to contact us and discuss the details. You’ll be glad you did.