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Lucas Oil – Slick Mist – Carson

Carson, CA – Orange county based Pipeline Digital Media called on Intramedia’s Keith Martin to DP this concept commercial production for Lucas Oil Products. The use of motion controlled camera tracking allowed them to highlight all three targeted product uses in a seamless flow. LCTV provided below the line crew, camera and lighting equipment.

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Lucas Oil – Shirtless – Brea

Orange County, CA – Concept spot for Lucas Oil Products based on how to avoid “losing your shirt” over high fuel costs. Directed by Donald P. Hoffman, the piece was shot at a local gas station in Orange county. Signage and pumps were altered by a small set design crew. LCTV provided the DP, below the line crew, camera and lighting equipment.

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Bill Harrison Documentary – Hemet

Hemet, CA – The veterans advocacy group 3 Veterans Media, Inc. tapped LCTV founder Keith Martin to DP the story of 93 year old World War II lost at sea survivor and prolific church architect, Bill Harrison. Bill co-authored his biography ‘6 Days on a Raft’ with Forrest Haggerty. After surviving WWII and a harrowing week with his shipmates lost at sea off Okinawa, he went on to build 51 churches fulfilling a near death promise to god. This short form documentary was produced and directed by Jesse Austin of Dartt Entertainment and is currently in post production.

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One Ten Pictures – Anaheim

Anaheim, CA – LCTV provided grip & lighting truck and gaffer for DP, Chris McKechnie’s studio shoot at Silver Dreamworks Factory Studios in Anaheim, CA. The piece was directed by Jeremy Gant,  executive producer at One Ten Pictures and was lensed on 2 RED Epic cinema cameras. It deals with the social and moral pressures on teens in an increasingly fast paced world.

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ALP Communications – MINI – Long Beach

Long Beach, CA – ALP Communications of Toronto, ON, called on LCTV’s Keith Martin to shoot a MINI piece for their ‘Your Dealership Experience™ ‘ program. The shoot was produced and directed by ALP’s Sarah Yarnell and Adrian Powell. LCTV provided additional crew, camera, lighting and audio. 

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Continental Tire – Uvalde Proving Grounds – Fullerton

Rancho Cucamonga, CA – Corporate promotional video production created for Continental Tire at the Uvalde Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas. Produced/Directed by PDM’s Todd Huffman and shot by Keith Martin and Dean Mitchells.

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Wyland’s Art Studio – PBS Series – Laguna Beach

The 2013 Series episodes are available now on DVD. Click Here

Laguna Beach, CA – Wyland teams with Detroit Public Television to provide an amazing public television series where in each episode Wyland will teach viewers how to paint his favorite subjects from whales and dolphins to rivers, oceans and wetlands. DP/LD, Camera operator and lighting package were provided by LCTV.

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SiriusXM – Linkin Park – Hollywood

Hollywood, CA – Linkin Park had a Q&A session with an audience of SiriusXM listeners and the band also played an intimate concert as part of a “Town Hall” Special. LCTV provided camera crew to shoot promotional footage.

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SiriusXM – Ziggy Marley – Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA – Ziggy Marley sits down exclusively with SiriusXM listeners for a “Town Hall” special Q&A and live, in-studio performance. LCTV provided SiriusXM with camera crew for promotional coverage of the event.

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The John Penton Story – Fullerton

Theatrical Release – August 2014

Documentary feature film about the life of John Penton; An American icon and motorcycle pioneer who, along with his family and a band of loyal followers, changed off-road motorcycling forever. Directed by Todd Huffman, producer/director of motocross cult classics ‘The Motocross Files’ and ‘Epic Ride’. Narration and music by country singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett. Documentary film crew, camera and lighting provided by LCTV.
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