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  • Production Crew

    The concept here is pretty straightforward. LCTV represents a core group of experienced professionals who regularly work together in the local commercial, corporate, television, and motion picture production industries; DP’s, camera operators, camera assistants, steadicam operators, jib operators, lighting directors, gaffers, best boys, keys, grips, sound techs, boom operators… well, you get the idea.

    This group tends to be made up of established specialists with an array of production expertise well beyond their chosen specialties. We also know a lot of smart, competent people and vendors in the southern California production community based on decades of working relationships in this market. Our depth of experience and personal approach to production challenges is what sets us apart from crew sourcing services, directories and lists. When you really need quality, reliable people, we’re here for you. Expect extraordinary service.

  • Cameras & Support

    Cameras are getting smaller, faster, more resolute, with wider dynamic range than ever before; sometimes on a yearly or even bi-yearly basis. Our group’s owned camera equipment represents some of the latest in digital imaging technology from Arri, RED, Sony, Canon, Blackmagic, DJI, GoPro, etc.. We can also provide specialized camera support like dollies, Steadi-Cam, stabilized camera gimbals, jibs, motion control, camera car, aerial camera drones, etc. as needed.

    That said, we understand that the camera is simply a tool and the best tool for any given job is the one that helps tell the story while also meeting the project’s budgetary needs. We have most all current cameras available and can help with matching the right camera package to your production/post-production workflow and budget.      more…

  • Lighting

    Great cameras don’t necessarily equal great pictures. No matter how capable a camera might be they only “see” light, or the lack of it, projected through the lens onto an imaging medium. The qualities and control of that light are directly responsible for what you will have on your master. With the right circumstances and good planning, ambient light may be exactly what you want. For those times when environment, scheduling and a world full of other circumstances don’t cooperate, we offer industry standard production lighting.

    LCTV offers complete 1, 3 and 5 ton grip & lighting trucks as well as custom configured interview kits with tungsten, fluorescent, LED and HMI sources. We can customize any lighting package to fit your specific project’s needs plus just the right crew to make it shine.      more…

  • Sound

    Careful attention to high quality sound production in the field is something that all too often becomes a secondary consideration to the visuals. It’s been said that good audio content without pictures can make for great radio, but motion pictures without sound are a lot tougher to sell these days. As much as I like watching the occasional old silent film, “talkies” took over for an obvious reason; when well produced and edited together, visuals with sound can be tremendously dynamic, compelling and entertaining. We view careful sound capture and mixing as an integral component of the production process.      more…

  • Location Scouting

    So you’ve found the location(s) you want to use but really need a production expert to go there and provide you with a reliable recon before making your final decisions. We can save you time, money and possible unforeseen problems by  doing a thorough location scout. Get a detailed report on things like site contacts, local weather trend, access/layout, parking, available power, available lighting (quality, color temp, etc.), sun/time of day tracking, possible permits that may be required, and more, including quality photos of everything that matters.


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NOTE: This demo is just a sampling of some things we’ve done recently. Of course, we can’t include everything in a couple of minutes so it is updated several times a year. Please feel free to give us a call if you are looking for something specific and don’t see it here. We provide production services for a wide variety of projects; both large and small.

People we’ve worked with say…

“Thank you for your careful attention to detail, professionalism and flexible approach to getting things done. The California segments you shot were beautiful and helped make the overall project truly shine. Well done!
We’ll see you again soon my friend.”

Edward Thompson - Director
Edward Thompson - DirectorQ&A Entertainment Ltd. - London, UK ‘Here today’ - Documentary

We love what we do!

We take a great deal of pride in delivering the best people and gear possible while maintaining a relaxed, professional production environment; whether it’s a small or large budget project. We’re not a crew directory, rental house or referral service. You can rely on personal, professional service and a flexible approach to meeting your project’s specific needs.

What can we do for you?

Scouting & Pre-Production
Crew with Equipment
Crew without Equipment
Equipment Rental Only
Services outside of Southern California

LCTV attempts to match just the right pre-production, production crew and equipment to fit your project’s needs and budget. We offer services at the same competitive rates as those extended to local producers; no gouging travelers.

Many of us are owner/operators and have established accounts with local rental houses as well. That said, we’re not an equipment rental house ‘per se’ and so are less interested in renting gear without at least someone from our crew on the shoot.

This website specializes in providing local crew and equipment inside the southern California area. That’s generally our service area. Shooting outside SoCal would require us to charge for travel costs, making us no longer “local crew”. This is probably not why you’ve arrived here in the 1st place… just sayin’…
That doesn’t mean we don’t work elsewhere. Some clients decide to keep our crew with their project after working with us here.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project’s specific needs. We’re always happy to talk things over and it won’t set you back a penny.

Video crew production services in cities throughout southern California including Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Santa Ana, Irvine, Orange County, Long Beach, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Burbank, Studio City, El Segundo, Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Riverside, Redlands, Culver City, Hollywood, Corona, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, San Bernardino, Chino, Glendale, Oceanside, Buena Park, Orange, Joshua Tree, Indio, Walnut, Tustin, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Mission Viejo, San Diego, West Covina, Yorba Linda, Hollywood, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Laguna Beach, Pomona, Newport Beach, San Clemente, Temecula, Commerce, Vernon.

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